Intuitive app control.
Smart features.
Energy saved.

The DEVIsmart™ App turns
your smartphone into
an intuitive floor heating remote control.



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Experience the new DEVIsmart™ App features

Improve comfort with five heating periods

The DEVIreg™ Smart is designed to provide
optimum floor heating comfort, exactly when
and where you need it. To improve the solutions
customization and flexibility, we now offer the
possibility to apply up to five heating periods a
day. The result is better comfort specifically
adjusted to specific needs.

• Greatly improves the products flexibility
• Increases end user adaptibility

Reliable control with the strongest Wi-Fi signal

To achieve optimum control of your electric floor
heating, we have developed a new feature that
will show which of your Wi-Fi systems have the best
signal. This helps you establish the best possible
connection between your Wi-Fi and your DEVIreg™
Smart thermostats resulting in easy and reliable control
of your electric floor heating when you are away.

• Visualizes Wi-Fi signal strength during installation
• Optimizes set up

More app features:

  • Adjust home heating from anywhere in the world
  • Operate floor heating locally without internet connection
  • Use living zone to easy control the most used thermostats
  • Control thermostats in multiple locations (e.g. holiday home)
  • Frost protection, weekly schedule, away/vacation settings, and economy mode
  • Receive notifications/warnings about important system events
  • Access dedicated support and troubleshooting directly from the app


Smart Data Security

                The wireless communication meets the highest standards of data protection. DEVIreg™ Smart utilizes a secure wireless communication based on the same security that is used in mobile banking applications and no personal data is stored in the cloud. Wherever data needs to be exchanged, it is important to secure communications to the highest standards so that unauthorized persons do not gain access to personal or operational data.


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