Intuitive app control.
Smart features.
Happy customers.

DEVIsmart™ App turns
your customers’ mobile device into an
intuitive floor heating remote control.




Download the free DEVIsmart™ App
and try the demo now.

DEVIsmart™ App features

  • Adjust home heating from anywhere in the world
  • Set up/operate floor heating locally without internet connection
  • Use living zone to easy control the most used thermostats
  • Control thermostats in multiple locations (e.g. holiday home)
  • Frost protection, weekly schedule, away/vacation settings, and economy mode
  • Receive notifications/warnings about important system events
  • Access dedicated support and troubleshooting directly from the app

Technical features

  • Secure wireless communication through a safe cloud system based on the same security that is used in mobile banking applications. No data is stored in the cloud and your customers’ personal information is secure at all times
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

Try it right away

Download the free DEVIsmart™ App
and try the demo now.


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