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The discreet and timeless design of the square-shaped touchscreen makes
the DEVIreg™ Smart fit perfectly into any modern design interior.

Design features

  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Sleek, stylish design that fits all frames with 55 x 55 hole
  • The smartest, coolest-looking controller on the market

DEVIreg™ Smart is compatible with following sensing units:

  • NTC 6,8 kOhm at 25°C
  • NTC 10 kOhm at 25°C
  • NTC 12 kOhm at 25°C
  • NTC 15 kOhm at 25°C (Default)
  • NTC 33 kOhm at 25°C
  • NTC 47 kOhm at 25°C

Energy-saving features

  • 7 day / 30 day / life time energy consumption readout for increased energy usage awareness
  • Open window detection automatically switches off the floor heating
  • Away mode

Usability features

  • Control heating from anywhere, at any time
  • A single DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices using DEVIsmart™ App
  • With one DEVIsmart™ App you are able to control as many locations with as many DEVIreg™ Smart thermostats as you need
  • Can communicate with two mobile devices simultaneously


Learn more about DEVIsmart™ app


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